What people are saying about the Clifford Music Group events:

"Artistic adviser Ed Clifford arranged and/or conducted a number of pieces on the program including an elaborate and imaginative arrangement of "Silent Night"  .  .  . "

". . . a small string ensemble with Cynthia Berger . . Christopher Martin . . Peshlakai . . Matt Clifford . . sounding more like a full chamber orchestra in the resonant space"

-Jeffery Kaczmarczyk, The Grand Rapids Press

". . began and ended with percussionist Billy Vits . . comfortable in a medium groove , ,Wonderful"

"Jeff Beavan . . on bass . . Terry Lower sat down at piano and found . . a Latin vein"

"Fine articulation . . superb breath control . . lightly romantic air . . ability to play up tempo without losing his center . . a few qualities of CliffordÕs work"

-Lazaro Vega, The Grand Rapids Press

"Great solos were a big part of the night"

"Ed Clifford, one of the most talented musicians in West Michigan, normally appears as . . flutist or  . . piccoloist with the Grand Rapids Symphony Classical Series. . he's first on call when they need a saxophonist"

-Jeffery Kaczmarczyk, The Grand Rapids Press

"A crack combo with Clifford . . Dick Reynolds on piano . . Tom Lockwood on bass . . Bill Vits on drums . . Betty Joplin, a big voiced vocalist from Lansing  . . primiere songs by Clifford with words by Shakespeare . . and (CliffordÕs) father-in-law, David Van Becker"

"Caught in a  Midsummer NightÕs Dream" has been the companyÕs most requested show"

-Jeffery Kaczmarczyk, The Grand Rapids Press

"Edye Evans Hyde . . has collected a strong following here in Muskegon. . she sang both with the orchestra and with the Clifford Music Group, a quartet of impeccable musicianship"

"The mix of solo performances, duets and full ensemble work showed a company to be reckoned with."

-Bill Seeback, The Muskegon Chronicle

"Jazzman Ed Clifford and his band Headlines "Safe Sax""

"Clifford said he and bassist Jess Beavan, drummer Bill Vits, and keyboard player Terry Lower will do anything to help out. ItÕs a good cause"

-Andria Baxter, On-The-Town


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